Winter sky

Just a few photos of the winter sky with my retro photo app as this year comes to a close.



This year I made mugs for gifts. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of all of them before I gave them away. I was too anxious to get them wrapped, especially since I celebrated an early Christmas last weekend with some members of my family.
I still have trouble compensating for the shrinkage of the clay though. So I feel that most of them were too small. My favorite one is the individual mug in the third photo. It is a nice big bowl shape. Perfect for hot cocoa with plenty of room for lots of marshmallows!
Happy Holidays!!!


Not enough hours in a day

Well, Christmas is fast approaching and this season is a mad rush of activity!
At school we've had lots of holiday festivities and I wanted to show you my classroom door. We decorated it based off the idea on a link posted on Poppytalk. And we won! My class received an icecream party. The star on top was made by glueing together broken ornaments. It is very sharp, and kind of dangerous looking but its also beautiful...so reflective and colorful!
We also had our second annual Art Faire. We sold artwork made by art club students during the Madrigal performances at school. Once again it was a big success. I made calendars using student artwork after being inspired by the calendar I received from Barbara at Sparrow Avenue. We had lots of pottery, jewelry, cards and other artwork as well.
There is lots more to do still and I'm off to prepare for finals! (not as much fun as the art fair)


Field trip

I took my students to visit an art school in downtown Chicago today. We had some extra time and some great weather too.
We went to Millenium Park to see the Cloud Gate sculpture. In Chicago it is known as "the bean."
We also went to the Chicago Cultural Center with its breathtaking domes and glowing floors. The Cultural Center boasts some of the oldest architecture in the city of Chicago. It was one of the only buildings spared in the great Chicago fire.
We are spending the weekend in the city so lots more pictures soon to come!
Have a wonderful weekend.


On your mark...

I have been meaning to post here for a very long time but time just seems to be getting away from me!
The holiday madness has begun.
The ceramics above are a few things that I have made for our second annual Art Faire. The art club had their first Art Faire fundraiser last year and it was a huge success. So I made a few slab built mugs and some leaves that I plan on wrapping with wire to string on  necklaces.
The awesome turtle whistle was made by one of my students. My students made lots of clay whistles that all look amazing and I hope they are good sellers.
I will have lots more to share soon!
Happy Friday!