Stylish Blogger Award

Well I got this award passed on to me and I'm supposed to write something unusual about myself and pass this onto 8 other bloggers. I really must thank Drawing Diva for this award and I think it's funny that she referred to it as a burden! I think it's great but maybe that's because I know I'm an unusual person. Although I really don't see the connection between being a stylish blogger and sharing something unusual about yourself.
So here goes...I love science fiction. I saw Star Wars when I was 6 years old and I was hooked from that moment on. My tastes in other genres has broadened significantly as I've gotten older but I still love sci fi! It began with Star Wars, and grew with E.T. I soon discovered Close Encounters of the Third Kind and another oldie Silent Running. No matter how cheesy I have a soft spot for it. And not just movies, I love reading sci fi too. I read the Martian Chronicles, the Dune series and the entire Ender's Game series. I could go on but I'm sure I am boring you and cementing the big loser "L" to my forehead! I'm just a big nerd at heart I guess. I hope I haven't scared off any followers!

I will be passing this award on to the lucky bloggers below.


Keeping it together

This is the time of year when life usually reaches the breaking point for me. Between being crazy busy at work and so much stuff to do after work every day, busy weekends and this cold weather that just doesn't seem to be going away...I am stressed!
Don't get me wrong, I know this is temporary and I will get through it. I honestly can't wait for spring break because we are going on vacation and I am looking very forward to simply parking my butt on a warm beach and doing absolutely nothing! I realize how lucky I am to have this to look forward to especially in light of the absolute devastation in Japan. I feel almost guilty for feeling stressed when the people of Japan are struggling just for the very basics of life.
I haven't been very good at keeping my blog updated and it will be a little while before I post regularly again. I did finish my knitting though! I'll show you that soon. But here is a video by one of my favorite speakers. His name is Sir Kenneth Robinson and RSA Animate made this incredible video of one of his presentations. I hope this works I've never posted a video before!


Getting Back on the Horse

So the last time I showed you some knitting I really hadn't done so well. I actually began knitting again right away otherwise I was afraid I'd never do it again. This time I did follow a pattern, a very simple one, but I am already thinking about how to alter it! This is only a sneak peek as it is not completely finished yet but I am very pleased with the results. And when I found this yarn I knew exactly what I wanted to make. I think I'll be taking a break from making baby hats for awhile though.
There is not much for me to post right now as I am getting ready for finals this week and preparing for my daughter's 13th birthday celebration next weekend.
I am having some real encaustic withdrawals too! When I went back to use my own, very inadequate, "encaustic" I was frustrated because it just wasn't the same as when I did the workshop. The difference between using the real stuff and my pathetic imposter wax is painfully obvious to me now. So I will busy myself with other projects until I can invest in some real encaustic supplies!


Encaustic Workshop with Bridgette Guerzon Mills

This past weekend my husband and I participated in the encaustic workshop hosted by Cindy Jevon at Perfical Sense Studios. The workshop was run by the incredibly talented self taught Chicago artist Bridgette Guerzon Mills. We learned so many different techniques and once we got going noone wanted to stop! I haven't had the opportunity to participate in an art class outside of my  own school district since college.

 Bridgette was so kind and helpful and shared many of her own personal techniques for working with wax. She also showed us a lot of her own artwork as well which was incredible. I know I learned a lot at the workshop but when I saw her work and the creative level she took her art to I was blown away!

I wish I had more pictures to share but I was so involved in working on my projects that taking photos didn't even occur to me! Anyways these are the two projects that I came away with and I am definitely hooked! There is so much more I want to try....I think I might have to invest in some more encaustic supplies!
Big thanks to Bridgette! I had a great time and can't wait to do it again!