Empyrean Sea

Empyrean Sea
encaustic mixed media, cheese cloth and puka beads
 Well I haven't posted two days in a row since I started this blog!
With the long weekend I've indulged in some extra time in the studio that I have missed so much recently. I finished another piece today and thought I'd post it along with photos of the plane ride that I was thinking of when I was making this. Instead of a helicopter tour we opted for a plane tour when we visited Kauai. Many people don't realize that the center of the island has a huge canyon with intensely red dirt complemented with lush green fauna. Aside from feeling totally nauseous by the end of the ride, it was well worth it for the gorgeous photos of the island.
Empyrean Sea detail
Coast of Kauai

Waimea Canyon



encaustic and pine bark
 Well the beginning of the school year is always a whirlwind! I finished the piece above a few weeks ago and as you can tell Hawaii is still a continuous influence. I finally made it back into the studio again today. I have been anxious to get back into the studio because ,I am happy to say, the piece from my last post sold at the show! In fact it had a red dot on it before the doors even opened because the owner of the gallery purchased it. I was extremely shocked but also totally flattered.
One of the reasons the beginning of the school year was so busy is because of the fundraiser I was working on for the art club. We did a color run and it was fantastic! If you ever get the chance to participate in one I highly recommend it. This is the photo of the color throw we did at the end of the event. So much fun and we  raised enough money to fund everything we wanted to do plus give a percentage to the local food pantry.