New work and random things

Encaustic mixed media
 Hooray I finally have my own lap top back! So here are a few photos of things that have been going on around here recently.
 I finished another new piece of work  few days ago. I was trying to work more with fields of color rather than little areas of tiny details. It seems like a generic piece to me but it is soothing to look at. In my other works I tried to pull the viewer in with little details to explore but with this one I wanted the opposite. Instead of drawing the viewer in, I tried to make the work exude a feeling of calm with simple organization of space and colors that reflected nature.
 This little fledgling robin surprised me the other day when it flapped against the screen in my kitchen struggling to find a foothold. So cute!
 I went to the botanic gardens again too and had my own Georgia O'Keefe moment with this photo.
 Does anyone know what this flower is? I see them around more and more recently and it's my favorite color for a flower too.
 This field of poppies was in full bloom and absolutely stunning. My pictures do not do it justice.

When I post next time it will be with lots of photos from my trip to Europe! I am busy packing and getting really excited about finally seeing all of the famous artwork that I have only studied in books.
So cheerio, au revoir, and ciao!