In the mail

I purchased a gift for my brand new nephew from Sparrow Avenue. But this isn't all of it because I don't want to spoil the surprise.
Barbara was so kind to also include a little gift for me too. One of her hand dyed zipper pouches with a whale print. I am a huge fan of Barbara's sketches and her textiles are top notch. So beautiful!


Just a peek

This is a small peek at what I have so far for this project. It's really not flowing very naturally though. I did use the alcohol inks in a way I liked finally. They are the round blobs and I used them on the board before I covered it with wax.
I am so ready for the weekend and it's only Wednesday. Maybe it's because we've had such nice weather and I haven't been able to go outside during the day to enjoy it. Exactly one year ago today we had a giant snow storm and had two days off of school. What a difference this winter has been compared to last winter!