Accidents happen

 I was so sad when my otchipotchi pebble vase broke. Especially since I knew she didn't make this exact vase anymore. But it did give me an excuse to order a brand new one!
 My new table vase arrived last week! And it is slightly bigger and much more stable than my other one.
 I usually keep it on the window sill so being more stable is definitely a plus. It can get windy and get knocked over or bumped by hands washing dishes.
But it is my favorite place to put it! I cut some red twigged dogwood with their beautiful white berries to display in my new vase.
I think it looks perfect on the window sill next to my ceramic nuts too.


Fall fun

 Yesterday we took our annual trip to the pumpkin farm. Being Columbus day weekend it was packed but still so much fun! I love the fact that my kids still want to go. I thought for sure I'd get the eye roll with the "do I have to go?"
 The weather has been especially nice this past week and the fall colors are spectacular this year. It was impossible not to get postcard perfect photographs at the farm.

 So after we got home I just kept taking pictures! I actually filled up the memory card in my camera, emptied it, and went back out to take more photos.
 The color of the sunlight truly has been golden. All of the trees surrounding my neighborhood are at their peak right now and my photos just don't do it justice. The photo above is the view I can see right now from my kitchen window as I type and the picture just cannot capture the atmosphere right. At least not by my cheapo camera!
 It's almost time to bring in the jade plant, sporting its red tinged leaves.

 My oregano and plumbago are turning beautiful shades of red and purple.
 I saw this adorable little frog in the plumbago as I was photographing it! He was fast so I am glad I was able to get this one decent picture of him.
And to top it off this incredible 3D hot air balloon floated right over our house! All of the kids were outside yelling and waving up to the people in the basket. I've never seen a balloon like this before! What a perfect afternoon!


Going nuts...again

Everything outside is golden! This fall the trees look spectacular. The smoky purple ash trees and blazing orange maples.They are so inspiring. In the fall mood I decided to start making more nuts again. They seem to fit the season. This time around I put rattles in them so they even sound like nuts.

 The one on the left is the largest one I've ever made. I really like the fact that it is larger than life size. It draws more attention to it as a work of art rather than just a nut.
Everyone keeps trying to open them though! So maybe I should make some that come apart in the future. I could see them breaking a lot more often if I do that, however, because they do tend to roll a little. Well, I still like them as fall decorations. The only problem is that I give them as gifts for Christmas. Not exactly the best timing. I really wish I had more time to make them so I could have a stock of them to sell. Maybe my project for next summer...
Enjoy your autumn (or spring!) wherever you are!