Going nuts...again

Everything outside is golden! This fall the trees look spectacular. The smoky purple ash trees and blazing orange maples.They are so inspiring. In the fall mood I decided to start making more nuts again. They seem to fit the season. This time around I put rattles in them so they even sound like nuts.

 The one on the left is the largest one I've ever made. I really like the fact that it is larger than life size. It draws more attention to it as a work of art rather than just a nut.
Everyone keeps trying to open them though! So maybe I should make some that come apart in the future. I could see them breaking a lot more often if I do that, however, because they do tend to roll a little. Well, I still like them as fall decorations. The only problem is that I give them as gifts for Christmas. Not exactly the best timing. I really wish I had more time to make them so I could have a stock of them to sell. Maybe my project for next summer...
Enjoy your autumn (or spring!) wherever you are!


  1. Oh, such beautiful nuts! I love them!

  2. These are GORGEOUS, Laura! How do you do these?! I like the idea of a rattle in... or bell would be sweet... Amazing! :o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

  3. These look lovely!Are they made of clay?AriadnefromGreece!

  4. They are made from stoneware clay. First I create two pinched bowls and put them together to make a hollow ball. Then I form it into a nut. The color is an iron oxide stain and the rattle is a loose ball of clay on the inside. Easy peasy!

  5. there must be some hole somewhere to let the heat escape or they'd explode? but i don't see a hole.

    they are amazing and yes! you need to put them in a shop and sell them! i know i'm not the only one who wants at least one. and hey, if you're giving them away at Christmas are you also hanging them on the tree??

    the iron oxide is perfect.

  6. The hole isn't in any of the photos but there is a tiny pinhole where the two halves go together. I recently discovered that if I use the fettling knife to make a really narrow slit it is virtually invisible. The tiny round hole always bothered me!
    And I never tried hanging them on a tree. They might be a little heavy for that but I think I will try!

  7. So cool Laura! I love how you thought to add the element of sound to them too. Awesome!