New Work

Parallel to Vertical
Encaustic Mixed Media
It's amazing how much can be accomplished in tiny snippets of time. I had been trying to get back into my studio more since the school year started again and I really didn't think I had been very successful. Then I just suddenly realized that I felt this was done.
After looking at it for a couple of days though I think I might need to lighten the rectangle in the center. It was my favorite area and then I put a transfer over it. I don't mind the transfer but I think it's way too dark to be in the very middle of the picture plane.
 I did a big no-no with this project too. The little birds were drawn on with a regular felt tipped pen. I was hoping that when I fused it that it would become protected from the wax. But it still comes off with water even after fusing and I am too chicken to put a layer of medium over it for fear that it will ruin the drawing. I really should've done a transfer but I got that image in my head and wanted it on the wax immediately. I can always fix it later.
And those are apple seeds embedded in the wax. You can also see a leaf from one of the trees in my yard and I honestly cannot remember the name of the tree.
I have found myself increasingly captivated by the textures produced by the wax. Layer by layer building up colors and depth. It reminds me of working with jewelry in a way. There is so much hidden detail in the tiniest little places. I keep thinking that I need to work larger but it's the small spaces that I obsess over. Adding little gems of color and visual details packed into little corners.
I'm sure it probably looks like a mess to you but I love that old worn layered look. Knowing that there's more beneath the surface.


  1. This is wonderful! I love all the layers too. The bird sketch would have been the perfect opportunity to draw with a pintool, then fill in the incised lines with alcohol inks. Or to use the saral paper to do a dry transfer. I know how it feels though when you have an idea and you just want to do it. :)
    beautiful work!

  2. WOW--HUGELY inspiring work, Laura! I could just swim in that texture work... Love the apple seeds. And the little birds really do add that" little extra" here. Would simply going back over them with a Sharpie work? Let us know how you fix this one in the end. Just love it! :o)

  3. Hi, Laura, me again... Just wanted to let you know that I did get you comments at my blog...not sure what happened, though I do have comment moderation in place, still... hopefully just one-time wonkiness. ;o) Thanks for visiting!

  4. I love what you are doing with the encaustic art, i like the different shades and textures and think the little birds add a different dimension to it all

  5. this is so lovely!
    and your bird drawings are a perfect element