I can't believe it's over

 Last night was amazing! It was quite a rush for me to see how many friends and family showed up to support me and see my artwork. I owe you all so much and I am truly grateful to have such a wonderful network of people in my life.
 I know these pictures are terrible but they are the only ones I took! They really do not do any justice to the  gallery or the display. I did end up selling the three pieces in the first photo to a coworker/friend. I was shocked that she bought three pieces!
 This is a better photo of the upstairs area where my exhibit was. After seeing this display I have decided that I am definitely going to try to make larger pieces. I had 17 encaustics on display, all very tiny looking on the large walls. But it did draw people in for a closer look.
The place was packed too. The final count was over 600 people!
It really was a wonderful and memorable evening. Thank you to everyone who helped me out with all the things I needed in order to get ready for the show. 
I love you all!


This is it!

I am very excited for tomorrow! I cannot believe that it's here already. The day I have been looking forward to/ fretting about all summer.I really can't wait to see the display. I had to work during the set up for the show so I won't be seeing it until the opening tomorrow night.  I will post pictures from the show as soon as I can for you to see. 
Happy Friday!
(a day early)


More new work

It'll Heal
encaustic mixed media

encaustic mixed media
I actually finished these a couple of weeks ago but I have been busy with back to school stuff. The students come back on Monday already. Yikes! 
As you can see in these two pieces I experimented a little more with the punchinella. That is what I used to make the dotty texture. And I made some burnt paper pieces that I really liked so I incorporated them as well. I am also attempting to be a little more subtle with the use of texture.
I spent most of the day today finishing up all the framing of my artwork for the show. I need to submit all of it next Saturday so I'm in the home stretch finalizing the little details. 
Sorry for the short post but I just wanted to keep you up to date. 
I'll be back soon!