Accidents happen

 I was so sad when my otchipotchi pebble vase broke. Especially since I knew she didn't make this exact vase anymore. But it did give me an excuse to order a brand new one!
 My new table vase arrived last week! And it is slightly bigger and much more stable than my other one.
 I usually keep it on the window sill so being more stable is definitely a plus. It can get windy and get knocked over or bumped by hands washing dishes.
But it is my favorite place to put it! I cut some red twigged dogwood with their beautiful white berries to display in my new vase.
I think it looks perfect on the window sill next to my ceramic nuts too.


  1. Oh, it DOES look fantastic right there and your table looks so . . . DUSTED! Seriously, you make me actually want to dust!

  2. I am an admirer of otchipotchi too and am looking after my delicate vases and stones so carefully! I can understand how you felt!AriadnefromGreece!

  3. it is so perfect with your nuts on the window sill, it actually makes them look bigger than i thought they were.

  4. Dear i'm a new follower and i want to tell you that i just love your photos, i'm a music teacher in primary school, (ages 6-12), in Greece, and i like art general
    happy to be with you

  5. Oh, that shape... it is so restful to the eye and heart... Beautiful work of art that vase, Laura. Glad you were able to find a new, lovely replacement. Happy Days :o) ((HUGS))

  6. I love your vase with the dogwood berries in it! So lovely with your ceramic nuts too. Don't you love a little grouping of your favourite things?