Just a peek

This is a small peek at what I have so far for this project. It's really not flowing very naturally though. I did use the alcohol inks in a way I liked finally. They are the round blobs and I used them on the board before I covered it with wax.
I am so ready for the weekend and it's only Wednesday. Maybe it's because we've had such nice weather and I haven't been able to go outside during the day to enjoy it. Exactly one year ago today we had a giant snow storm and had two days off of school. What a difference this winter has been compared to last winter!


  1. The bright pinks are so pretty! I so wish you could teach me how to do encaustic..I would gladly trade metal secrets! Your new work is also quite amazing! I guess what really intrigues me about your medium is the depth that you can achieve. I love the way that leafy outline lays on top of the rest of the piece. So pretty!

  2. wow, I'd forgotten this was the big snow. Would have sworn they told us this winter was going to be like last winter. So glad it's not. (I'm ready for the weekend too!)

  3. Oh this looks incredible! Can't wait to see more!