Keeping it together

This is the time of year when life usually reaches the breaking point for me. Between being crazy busy at work and so much stuff to do after work every day, busy weekends and this cold weather that just doesn't seem to be going away...I am stressed!
Don't get me wrong, I know this is temporary and I will get through it. I honestly can't wait for spring break because we are going on vacation and I am looking very forward to simply parking my butt on a warm beach and doing absolutely nothing! I realize how lucky I am to have this to look forward to especially in light of the absolute devastation in Japan. I feel almost guilty for feeling stressed when the people of Japan are struggling just for the very basics of life.
I haven't been very good at keeping my blog updated and it will be a little while before I post regularly again. I did finish my knitting though! I'll show you that soon. But here is a video by one of my favorite speakers. His name is Sir Kenneth Robinson and RSA Animate made this incredible video of one of his presentations. I hope this works I've never posted a video before!


  1. what an amazing video
    how do i imbed it??

    hope you've had a great vacation!!

  2. I adore Kenneth Robinson! He's got another longer video on ted.com about how schools kill creativity.
    To post the video look for the little clap board at the top of the dialog box for a new post. When you click it you can search for a video on youtube by clicking the option on the left side. Search for the video and post.
    I know that sounds confusing but it's really easy. I just searched for RSA Animate Kenneth Robinson.

  3. It is a great video, thanks for sharing it. I left an award for you but hope it doesn't cause as much stress as me, I think everyone is busy just now, I don't know how it happened, as you say though we are very lucky and it will change.