New Work

In The Pink

I finally finished it! This particular piece ended up changing for me every time I looked at it. My original intent was to use the girl metaphorically, but it started to become very literal which is something I absolutely had no intention of doing. Either way it's cliche, which is why I was stuck in it for so long. I hate cliche. But I think I was doomed from the start by using the drawing of the girl in the first place. I thought she looked more peaceful as though she was just sinking or falling rather than drowning. Almost floating. Like things aren't as bad as they seem at first and this too shall pass. As a result I tried to emphasize the girl's look of health. Hence the name In The Pink.


  1. that's funny you should say that because from the beginning I always thought she looked like she was "falling" asleep.

  2. She looks so peaceful, floating there. Maybe she has just jumped off a rock into the river and is letting herself sink to the bottom, before her toes push her back up laughing to join her friends. Lovely x