A B C's

I started this alphabet project almost two years ago as a gift for a friend who had just had her first baby. Needless to say I never finished it but I'd like to! I really just made it such a huge project that I am having a hard time trying to find enough ideas to complete it. Each letter is about 4"x4" and everything within the space relates to the letter.
 A~at, apple, apple seeds
B~ blue bird, brown, buttons, branch
C~Coca Cola, Christmas colors, castle
D~drawn D, DaVinci (can you see the Mona Lisa in there?)
E~envelope, elephant, eight, E, e (it's on the back of the stamp) and I like the way the envelope closes with a figure eight.
F~ frayed fabric, feather, five
G~ green, gold, ginko, grass
H~hearts card, happy, rose petal heart
R~ raised, rough, red
S~ sandpaper, seeds, stamps, scribble, starfish
 T~toothpicks, texture, tie dye
The M, P and Z are unfinished
The M is from the Magikist sign. Anyone who lives in Chicago remembers the Magikist lips off of the Kennedy! And the P is polkadotted... The Z is made of a holographic zigzag on a background of zebras.

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