New Pottery

This is what came out of the kiln yesterday! I am trying to make items to sell with the art club kids for our very first Art Faire. We will be doing it in conjunction with the Madrigal Dinner which will draw a large audience over the course of the three days they are performing.
Remember the nuts from the post on my other site? Well here they are all done! I will be making a whole bunch of these and will probably sell them in a group of three. I decided to brush them with an iron oxide stain and it turned out exactly the way I wanted. The picture below shows how big they really are. They would be a really great fall decoration but since the Art Faire isn't until December I might be missing the window of opportunity with these.

I'm pleased with the mugs because I've never been good at making them. They are easy to throw but I'm not good at making them look uniform...so I figured who cares! They are handmade so don't expect any two to look alike! But what really helps is the new way I've been making the handles. Pulling handles was always an effort in futility so with a little help from the new extruder at the school I've finally been able to make a mug I would actually use. A good coffee mug is a very personal thing to many people. The weight of it, the way it balances in your hand, the size of the handle, thickness of the lip, etc... I figured mugs would be a good money maker regardless of the season so I hope to crank out a whole bunch of these. And maybe make some as Christmas gifts for family and friends.

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  1. I'll buy some of the nuts. At least 3, maybe 6. One group for here and one for Arizona!