Goats for company

 It's been awhile since I updated my blog. I've been very busy the past two weeks with finals and the start of the new term. Not to mention a few very busy weekends. Today I finally got a chance to plant all my fall bulbs and had the goats keeping me company.
 This guy was hilarious climbing the fence to reach the plants.

 As many of you already know my backyard backs up to a heritage farm and today the goats were out and about. I found out first hand that they are fainting goats when I accidently startled one and watched his legs legs stiffen up and then he keeled over. I have to admit I laughed hysterically!
 Maki was upset that she couldn't get closer to the fence to check out the goats for herself.
 Even though we had some cloudy rainy weather this weekend it was really warm and beautiful outside.
Hope it's this nice for the trick or treaters next weekend!


  1. Great pics Laura! Fainting goats ae friggen hilarious! Don't you love their eyes?

  2. How fantastic, I had never heard of fainting goats before until a utube clip went round on Facebook, I can't imagine living so near to them. Maki looks so frustrated there, did you grow the pumkins yourself. My kids have both left home but I think I will still make a pumpkin this year.

  3. No we didn't grow the pumpkins! One of these years I'll plant a vegetable patch though. And I am a bad mom...I don't think we've carved pumpkins in about 3 years now. We will definitely have to do it this year.