The parents of one of my students was cleaning house recently and donated a die cutter to the art department. It came with tag shaped dies so I had to try them out of course! These are the biggest size tags and I cut them from watercolor paper. Originally I was making Christmas tags but then I started to stray with other ideas.
Sparrow in tech pen

Water color magnolia

Water color ginkgo leaves


  1. Who needs the gift? I want the tags :)

  2. I love them! Gorgeous. And when they are done doing their jobs as gift labels, they can be used as bookmarks.


  3. I read your post on Blogger in Draft and here is what I do. Not sure though if you still need this info by the looks of your photo placement!
    I used to have a hard time placing photos also.

    Here'a what discovered. If you keep them centered, just write your text, then DOUBLE SPACE and add your photo. Double space again and write more if you want. Just make sure you space a lot in between. You can always 'delete' a couple of space lines after you finish your post. Hope this helps.