Here are some new things I've been working on. I thought that making coasters would be an easy thing to do for the Art Faire considering we can make lots of them at one time and also hoping that they will be an easy item to sell too!
 The ones here have been bisque fired and I've sanded them down to try to even out the edges and make the bottoms really smooth so they won't scratch table tops.
I think I'll try to paint some underglaze into some of the leaf impressions to emphasize them a little more. I really like them without any color though too so I'll experiment to see which ones I like best.
I just finished making these here and I used some of the gingko leaves I collected from my trip to the botanical gardens. I used a slightly different technique this time so I hope they wind up more evenly round than the first ones. Less sanding would  definitely be a good thing!

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  1. These make my heart sing! Nature is my biggest inspiration and I particularly love leaves and seed pods. I don't know how you managed to press the leaves in so smoothly and evenly. They look wonderful.