Christmas Cactus

Well my christmas cactus is starting to flower already so I guess that means the holiday season can't be that far behind. I still cannot believe it's November already! I am loving the cooler weather but I am not looking forward to the months of snow and bitter cold. I am hoping that the season of hibernation will inspire me to pick up knitting again. I only started it last winter and stopped when life got busy in the spring but I really enjoyed it.

My friend Cheryl is an aspiring photographer and she took this beautiful photo and used my hat as a prop. It's the first thing that I had ever knit so I'm glad it actually fit!

1 comment:

  1. That cactus is shouting out to be drawn, it's gorgeous. I love the hat and the baby, I always feel like knitting when the cold weather starts and stop when the weather is better as well, trouble is it means i never finish anything, maybe i should knit something smaller.