Handmade by Bookhou

 Back in December my husband took business trip to Toronto. I told him that he had to go to a store called Bookhou and get me one of the snap wallets.
 Arounna and her husband John make the most beautiful textiles and woodwork. They screen print all their own fabrics and she sews everything herself.

I found Bookhou's blog (which you really must visit just to see pictures of their adorable daughter) and their Etsy store Bookhou at Home which has beautiful artwork for sale.
Anyways, the day my husband went to the store, it was closed, and since there were no wallets in the Etsy store I emailed Arounna to see if I there was anyway I could purchase one.  Well she was sooooo kind to send it to me free of charge because the store was closed! 
I was so excited to get my wallet in the mail and I love it! It's the perfect size. I use it for everything from my money and credit cards to my phone and zune. 
Thanks Arounna!


  1. I'm so glad you like it!
    all the best,

  2. She's so wonderful isn't she? I love her blog too. So inspiring.