May's Venture

 My daughter May and a couple of her friends from school have decided to start a business making things out of duct tape!
 They even have business cards made up that list all of the items they can make and their prices listed on the back. The first photo is my favorite-the purse. She also made a phone case and bows on headbands.
 These are pencils wrapped to look like flowers. I love the fact that all of these are her own designs and she figured out how to make them all by herself.
My other daughter Rose liked the idea too so she made this wallet.
Maybe when May is in high school she should try for that scholarship where you have to make your prom dress and suit all from duct tape. I think I'll buy a different color tape for that though!


  1. Wow like mother like daughter, you must be very proud, keep that talent nurtured.

  2. What cool and vibrant ideas! This looks like a wonderful craft idea too! :-)

  3. Wow there has been some serious effort put into these!