Knit Not!

 So it's been a while since I've done any knitting, and I don't really like following a pattern. I like customing things and making them my own.
 I found this pretty blue cotton baby yarn and really wanted to make one of those cute baby hats like I see on etsy with the really long tail.
 It looks pretty good in the photos and I really couldn't tell anything was wrong until it was completely finished. I even looked up a video on you tube to learn how to properly sew it together instead of just guessing like I had done previously.
 As you can see that didn't turn out very well. But it wasn't until my husband started snickering and said isn't that just a little big? I, of course, got defensive. There was no way I could have miscalculated my stitches that badly, right?
So if you know anyone who has a baby with an unfortunately large head let me know! I have a perfect gift for you to give them!


  1. Hilarious! How brave of you to "knit on" and figure it out as you go.

  2. Ha ha thanks guys! It would seriously fit an 18 month old but I've never seen a hat like that on a baby that was walking already. They'd probably trip over the tail!

  3. That just made me laugh out loud. I love the colour as well

  4. Oh thats funny! Id love one in my size though!

  5. Well I think you are amazing to be able to knit at all! Who cares if the sizing is slightly off! I've decided I must find a patient old lady to teach me to knit. Math is not my strong point!

  6. Kerri if good math skills were needed in order to knit there is no way I'd be able to do it! Oh I think I just made a rhyme!
    I learned from watching youtube videos!