Valentines Day

 My daughter May wanted to make her valentines herself, of course! So I found this great polymer clay valentine tutorial on Poppytalk.
 We improvised a little as we didn't have the letter stamps but I think they turned out really cute! She accidently got glitter on them before we baked them and I was worried that it would burn in the oven. But it didn't! So now we know you can safely put glitter on your Fimo before you bake it so it will stick.

 We strung some red embroidery thread on them as the finishing touch. We're not really sure what they can be used for but I'm sure the kids will find a way!
My husband and I really don't celebrate Valentine's day with gifts and candy and such but I have to admit that I do have fun with all the girly pinks, reds, and hearts.
  ♥ Happy Valentine's Day ♥


  1. I think I enjoy all the hearts more than the actual day. I did eat quite a few chocolates . . .
    CUTE stuff! Crafty!

  2. I love playing with clay! These are so cute! I especially love the last white one with the word love on it. They would be lovely as gift tags x

  3. What a perfect girly Valentines Day project! Really adorable! They'd be cute charms on a necklace or keyring....?

  4. These are great and its good to se you did these with your daughters, I have a heart similar to these hanging from a mirror