By the flowers that be

So happy I was finally able to put some real flowers in my otchipotchi vase!
I planted these bulbs last year but I can't remember what either one is called.
Even though it still feels like winter outside, spring is trying desperately to make an entrance. The forecast calls for warmer temperatures this week, I hope they stick around for awhile.


  1. I love Paula's vases. Isn't the one flower a lilac?AriadnefromGreece!

  2. Isn't it amazing how just one small vase of flowers can light up a room? These are so lovely x

  3. Did you see that Paula is going to break the mold for this pebble vase! So get one while you can. I'm sure she has new beautiful ones to come though.
    And I know the flower is not a lilac. I'm still waiting for my lilacs to bloom. These are tiny little bulbs I planted last year. I really must go dig the tags out of the garage and look up their names!