Spring and other new beginnings

 Spring is finally here! When we left for our vacation I couldn't even find one little sprout and when I returned home there were little purple crocuses starting to bloom.
I planted many other bulbs too and I'll have to go and find the packages to remember them all. I thought I planted some that were supposed to bloom before all the snow even melted, before the crocus were supposed to bloom. I'll have to go and see if they are still coming up.

 I have no idea what these are yet but I am so happy to see them! And I'm pretty sure the ones below are tulips. My mother gave me a whole bunch of unusual bulbs last year and I am very happy to see they survived and that I planted them the right way!

 I feel like I have been gone from posting here for a very long time and now I have so much to say I don't really know where to begin. I guess the foremost thing on my mind is the fact that I might be losing my teaching job. I have been teaching for so long that even during the waves of layoffs in the past couple of years I have felt relatively safe. But not now. Unfortunately the new teachers are always the first to go but then it's the electives like art, music etc... I probably won't know anything for sure for weeks but it is difficult to teach effectively and to give the kids optimism about their own futures when they are experiencing first hand how volatile the future is for those that are supposed to be established in their careers. I am supposed to be the one that followed the correct path and made the right decisions and set the good example for the students. Now they are pessimistic and completely wrapped up in the instability of this situation. While I think it's unrealistic to keep the students completely sheltered from what is going on I don't feel that they should have to deal with the stress of this type of experience at such a young age either.

In light of these recent events I have been thinking even more about what I can do with my own art. As soon as summer break arrives I plan on getting my own studio space up and creating my own art aggressively! Other school districts around me have already eliminated art entirely and parents are anxious to find their children art classes elsewhere. So if worse comes to worse that is an avenue I could pursue as well. Or if can get really organized I could try to arrange summer classes. But right now that is too much for me to think about with everything else going on.
I will end by leaving you with a photo of the gorgeous beach we spent our vacation at in Punta Cana. It was truly the bluest water I have ever seen in my life! I laid in the sun, read a good book and recharged my batteries. I tried to push out the thoughts that my colleagues were being handed their pink slips as I was on that beach and just soak up the here and now.


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry. Art should NEVER be cut. Kids NEED art. I pray the powers that be change their minds.

  2. Oh no, I don't know why people think art is not worth as much as other subjects, what a sad, dull world without art. My daughter has blossomed since finding her place in the art world, I love doing it, my Dad was an artist. I hope they don't close this course but it would also be great if you could fill the gap by running private art classes. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. I also haven't done much blogging recently. Love the bulbs, they are always exciting part of spring and your holiday pic looks fabulous

  3. lay offs and job closings have been a way of life for a very long time up here.
    my partner was laid off last year from the Art Gallery of Ontario...go figure!

    but I have always believed that no matter how bleak things may appear, there is a silver lining somewhere.

    You may be finding it in a new studio with private lessons.
    It's a new beginning and I wish you lots of encouragement!

  4. This entire situation has kind of cemented my decision anyways. I think a new beginning is at hand regardless. I'm actually excited! Thanks for the support everyone. I love talking to my art friends here!

  5. Oh Laura I'm so sorry! Isn't it ridiculous that people think art is not important?! I think it's such a great idea to be doing more of your own art though, and giving art classes to children in your home sounds like a wonderful idea! It might turn out to be a blessing in disguise. My fingers and toes are crossed for you, hoping that this will turn out wonderfully x x

  6. I am sorry to hear of your job problems. In Greece lots of teachers are losing their places too because the government decided to combine schools so they need fewer teachers to operate them.It is the financial crisis they say.You definitely need to do something with your art!Good luck!AriadnefromGreece!