Just a sketch

So I figured out that if the weather is nice I do not like staying inside and doing artwork! Therefore I've had nothing really blogworthy to post.
School has started again and for the past three to four weeks I have been busy with that. But now I seem to have hit my stride so it's time to give myself a kick in the pants to get creative again!

Since fall is coming I have felt like drawing crows. Not really sure why they remind me of fall but I didn't feel like drawing cute sparrows and fluffy robin chicks anymore. Crows are more moody and mysterious don't you think?
I do have other projects started but not finished yet so I will have more to post soon. I'm still a little scattered.
But today is another gorgeous day out so I am going to go enjoy it while I can.


  1. This is not a sketch, it's a master piece! So amazing Laura! I was wondering if you would mind doing a drawing tutuorial? I would love to know the stages you go through to make such a beautiful bird :)

  2. There IS a lot of mystery and quirkiness to this bird--great sketch, Laura! The claws especially feel "alive"... Happy Weekend, Laura :o)

  3. Kerri- I have been tossing around the idea of doing a drawing video tutorial for my students but maybe I'll try it out here first!

    Tracy- the feet were the last thing I drew and I was surprised by how much personality they gave to the image.

  4. I also love crows and would love to draw them, maybe one day i will if they ever sit still long enough. Hope school is ok