Last Workshop

 Last week was my last summer art workshop for the kids whose school district eliminated all art, music and gym classes. There were only three girls in this last class and they are all good friends. They were so sweet, and I had a good time with them too. They got a kick out of watching the goats out the back window.
 We did a grid drawing for our last project. I had them bring in food wrappers because the bold graphics and images are easier to draw and look nice when they are all colored in. Grid drawing is a great way to draw images accurately and proportionately.
 Drawing out the grid can take a long time if you've never done it before but the extra preparation is worth it if you have trouble drawing from a photo without it looking distorted.
One grid is drawn over the photo and one is drawn very lightly on your paper. Then, instead of drawing the whole picture all at once, all you have to do is draw what you see inside each little square. Just make sure you draw it in the exact same square on the drawing paper. That's why I always have my students number the grids across the top and down the left side to make sure they are drawing inside the correct box.
 We ran out of time before they had a chance to start coloring but they are a smart group of kids and I'm sure they can color them in on their own.
 Besides we had to leave some time for them to run outside to see if they could scare the goats and watch them fall over. It was so funny to see the girls all trying to hide behind one tiny little shrub and jump out screaming .
 My daughter May decided to do her own thing and gave herself a purple marker henna style tatoo.
And I just had to share this cute little grasshopper with you too. I found him hiding perfectly camouflaged (almost) in my spirea.
Well, I'm back to work this week unofficially to start doing inventory of the art supplies before school begins. I can't believe that summer vacation is over so soon! But I think I am ready for a change.....I think.


  1. Hi, Laura! Thanks for stopping by my new creative blog--great to see you there! And many thanks for your comforting words... It's been a tough time since the tragedy that struck here. But we are rallying... I love the grid paper project--great way to get a sense of proportions of things. I might have to try this myself! ;o) Very fun with the marker "henna" too. Summer has been flying by... August already. I like autumn for it's time of change and renewal though, so thinking some change could be good as well. I need more time in my studio too. Happy Days ((HUGS))

  2. summer vacation...wish I still had them, but they do fly.

    I should try some grid drawing!

  3. I've always used the grid for enlargements.
    just make the squares proportionately larger
    (1in.: 2in. for e.g.)
    self-portraits for kids are great done this way
    put a photo in the computer and do what you do to get rid of the grey tones and voila!

  4. Barbara that is too funny! I normally do that exact project with my high school students. They take photos of themselves and we posterize them in photoshop so there are only about 3-5 grey values. Then we use a grid to double the size and they paint in each value a different color. They turn out awesome and they are always surprised at how much it really looks like them.

  5. Your little grasshopper looks enormous! We don't have such muscley looking ones here. Glad your art class went well, which I could have a lesson or two!

  6. That looks like a very fun project. Yes, I must go in tomorrow to sort. We have a lot of meetings the first week before the students come. I hope YOU have a great week!