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Nature Nurture
Encaustic Mixed Media

 So sorry I've been neglecting my blog lately. Honestly I just keep forgetting to take photos of things if they don't involve my artwork.
 I did get some more work into the 4th Friday's show for July but I completely forgot to take pictures!
I also made another new encaustic this weekend. My kids have been busy with friends so I've been going into my art room whenever I can! It's been pretty nice I must say!
When I showed my daughter May this piece she asked me "what are those round things?" I explained to her that I got them from my mom's garden from her old house before she moved and they are seeds from a money plant. May looked at me and said "so money really does grow on trees." Yeah, I  had a good laugh!
I also went to the art store and got some new things to try out. I experimented with some pan pastels on the encaustics and I love them. Bridgette also told me about using alcohol inks too. My experiments with them didn't turn out as well ,however, so I didn't use them here in this piece.
I realize this is a terrible photo but I wanted to show the small crater like holes I got when I sprayed water on the warm wax. I remember talking to an encaustic artist about a year ago, before I began working with wax, and she did this all over her large paintings. I thought it was so cool looking. I am going to have to try this out more in the future with a better sprayer.
We've also been having some crazy storms around here lately. I read a report that said the first storm had 75 mph winds. That's hurricane speed! There was a lot of damage and power outages. The next round of storms brought lots of lightening, wind and lots of rain in a very short period of time. So this time there were a lot of flooded basements. Luckily we only had some damaged patio furniture.
In the mean time I did get a couple of good photos of a thunderhead. It was so humid outside that the lens kept fogging up though so they are kind of blurry.

But today is beautiful and I'm off to the beach! Enjoy your day too!


  1. Fascinating artwork! Thank you for sharing! Wow, that thunderhead is scary. Have fun at the beach.

  2. that last picture reminds me of Michaelangelo's G-d giving life to Adam in the Sistine Chapel.
    Do you see it?

    keep up the water and wax: craters and thunderheads; is there a connection...

  3. I love it! In new zealand we call the plant that makes those pods honesty. I've always loved them. I adore your beautifully drawn seeds too, so gorgeous. You are very clever! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog too x

  4. Oh Barbara I can totally see that now that you mention it! And Kerri I like the name honesty plant much better than money plant. I think I will have to call it that from now on. And it would make a much better title too. For awhile there all I could think of calling this piece was "mo' money, mo'money, mo' money" :D