Mid-Summer Bliss

 Hello everyone! We've recently returned from our trip "up north" and it was a wonderful trip as always. I thought I'd share a few pictures with you because it is such a gorgeous unspoiled place. My camera takes awful pictures but the place is so beautiful there's no way you can take a bad photo.
The kids and adults swam, hiked, canoed, fished, tubed down a river, had camp fires, made s'mores and got eaten alive by mosquitoes! Totally worth it.

If you haven't already noticed, I love summer!
I love the heat, the color of the sunlight, how green everything looks outside, the chirping birds, the cool air in the mornings and evenings, open windows....I could go on and on.
 My garden is in full bloom right now. All my favorite blue flowers are blossoming too. The absolutely bluest of them all are the chinese forget-me-nots in the top photo. The next one is flax which popped up spontaneously last summer. I must've scattered some seeds that I forgot about. And the last is my favorite...hydrangeas.
So of course I had to cut some to display in my window. I just picked up this cute bucket yesterday too and it was just screaming for some hydrangeas.
In the mean time I am just trying to soak up the last few weeks of summer before school starts again.


  1. Me, too! Your camping trip sounds fun! You reminded me that I don't have any flax in my garden. I need some.
    Every year, I love summer more. When does school start?

  2. School starts early for us this year. I go back on the 11th of August. I got out before Memorial day weekend though but the weather then was terrible still. We will still have so much summer weather left when the kids come back. I think I'd rather end later and go back later.

  3. i love the flax too, it used to grow wild in the park and now i'm trying to encourage it at home.

    i had no idea school started so early in the states; here it's after labour day (the 1st monday of sept).

    enjoy your time with the glorious heat

  4. The light & spirit of these images are just dazzling... Just doesn't get any better than summer bliss, does it?! ;o)

  5. Your holiday sounds amazing! And those blue flowers are so deeply blue! I love the bucket you put your hydrangeas in too, so cute :)