New work and my studio

Encaustic Mixed Media
  I know I haven't been posting a lot but I have been busy enjoying the summer!
Here is my latest project. I originally had an image of a whisper in my head as I did the drawing but as the painting started to come together I had a different vision of portraying the implications of whispering, the damage it can cause and how it can take so many forms. In texting, facebook, etc... and how easily it all can be misinterpreted. Needless to say I took the cue from my teenage daughter.
 I have also been working in my new art space at home. This photo is the first glimpse of it. I didn't even bother to clean up my workspace. I grabbed the camera as soon as I was done with my project.

 This is my messy skillet with my colored wax and brushes. I keep meaning to clean off the skillet but then I think what if I want to use that color again? So I just leave it!
 But I did clean up everything for this photo. You can see that this room has an awesome view of the farm. It's so nice to have this inspiring view to look at while I work.
I found part of a robin's egg laying in the grass the other day. And I still see my baby robins around the yard. The parents are still taking care of them too! They love hanging out in the serviceberry bush eating the berries.
 But back to the studio...I picked up some book cases to support the glass table top and they are working out quite nicely. I have a lot of storage and I can display some of my things in them too.
 This is my seat though! I haven't gotten around to finding a chair yet so this will have to do for the time being. I tend to stand when I work anyways so I'm in no hurry.
And the 4th Friday show in June went really well. I am definitely going to enter work for July and it's even inspired my husband to get his studio organized so he can begin painting again too.
 I was excited to see that one of my pieces was chosen to be on the card advertising the show for next month! I know it's sort of dumb but I was really happy about it.
I am off for a trip up north soon and will be completely unplugged for almost a week. No phone, no computer..nothing but nature hikes, swimming, canoeing, and good friends and family.
See you soon!


  1. I like your whisper piece and your studio is fantastic!

  2. LOVE the behind-the-scenes of your studio, Laura...what a beautiful wide window and space you have. And your idea for leaving the paint on the skillet makes sense. ;o) Your new is wonderful. I like how you've used a small canvas to convey a big sense of what whisper can mean/be... great harmony of textures. So glad the show went so well--very exciting!

  3. your work is always a winner and I'm glad to see you have a great studio to do it in. Well done on the image on the leaflet and no its not dumb, its there because your work is fresh and fun just as it says on the advertisement

  4. i thought that was your piece on the invitation, that's a compliment for sure.

    your studio is lovely
    can't tell you how envious i am that you can look out your window and see a farm!

  5. You are so clever as always! I am coming over for lessons ok? And you should be happy about being on the card for the exhibition! I would be stoked if it was me. I didn't know your husband painted. How adorable, two artists in love. Sigh.