Robins again...

I really wasn't planning on doing another post about the robins so soon but I am truly shocked how fast they are growing! I promise there will be more new encaustic work to show very soon.
I was able to catch a couple snap shots out the window of mommy (or maybe daddy robin) with a big fat worm to feed the youngsters.

 But look how big they are! I can't believe how fast their feathers grew in. I took those other photos a mere four days ago.
All four babies are still in there but they are hard to see. The one in the middle is laying on top of the 4th baby.

They are much more wary of me now and I cannot fool them into opening up their mouths for me anymore either. When they see me now they hunker down and try to hide inside their ever shrinking nest. I have a feeling they will be attempting to leave the nest within the next week. I will miss them!
I'm so glad I took these photos yesterday because today there were only two left in the nest!


  1. i am so impressed with you photos of these babies; amazing time lapse/growth

  2. O, and thank you for the link to kirsten's site. the 2008 work i especially like.
    hope to see more of your encaustic work soon

  3. Wow! That's crazy! A mere week or two and the babies must fly the nest. I love the updates!

  4. I don't know why robins don't build bigger nests. My son's family had a little nest like yours and now (just like that!) they have all flown away. They grow SO fast!

  5. Laura these pictures are so lovely! I adore the last one. They are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing!