New Work

Plus One
This is my new piece that I have been working on the past week or so. But I cannot figure out which way to display it! Normally this is absolutely no problem for me but this one changed as I worked on it. Leave a comment and let me know which way you think it should go!
Just to let you know I began the piece as you see it in the 3rd photo but as I worked on it I put it vertically like in photo number 2.

I really wanted to get the look of chipped paint with this one and I didn't do any collage or image transfers either. This one is essentially my first pure encaustic painting as well as my largest so far at 8"x10". Still small by painting standards but big for me! It took a lot longer than my previous ones but I was really trying to take my time with it...to make it perfect.  Which I found frustrating because I felt the need to go back to this one several times before I thought it was "right." I personally feel a great sense of satisfaction and completion with this painting though now that I consider it done.
And I might have some fun news coming soon but I need to work out the details before I commit here on the blogosphere.


  1. I think the top one. I think it should point to the right. Why? I have no idea. It's VERY cool!

  2. Hang it like in photo No.1 :) Love it!!!

  3. Beautiful, and... Vertical!

  4. Wow! I absolutely LOVE IT!!! I am totally drawn to position #1. Makes it feel the best. Gorgeous job. Gorgeous.

  5. i can see how this would be difficult to decide.
    they all look great but i guess if i had to choose, it'd be No.1

  6. LOVE this one! I has a very "rustic," rusty, organic feeling. I'm really liking the second option for hanging, with the large circle having a sense of being in the center somehow... wonderful work! :o)

  7. Amazing amazing amazing! You are so clever! I personally like it with the little circles on the right like in photo number one, but seriously it's great anyway you look at it! So wish I could come over for lessons!

  8. Okay so position number one it is! Amazing really I never worked on it like that or intended to show it that way. I posted the photo wrong accidently and I liked it so that's how the whole thing came about!