Eyes Wide Open

 They really are so ugly and yet so cute at the same time! Their eyes are open now and they are just beginning to get some fluffy down. Whenever they sense movement they pop up very fast straining their heads up with their mouths wide open.
 But if they don't get any food within about 10 seconds...
 they will slowly...
 nod off....
back to sleep to wait for mom or dad to bring them some food.
And boy are mom and dad busy these days. Raising 4 healthy babies is hard work!


  1. Yay! They're getting big and strong! Thanks for sharing their progress. I'm lovin' it.

  2. How sweet! You shot some great photos! Come over and see my fairy bed. I am watching your birds and my daughter-in-law's birds, too. Same age!

  3. O my, Laura, these are just so incredible. you are so lucky to have this so close. wish i could be there to see it

  4. Wow, thanks for sharing, I have been away from my blog for a while and also blog hopping, so its great to see these, you must feel so lucky. I love the previous encaustic and like all the ways it goes but particularly the 1st and 3rd although I think it would be great to alter it every now and then depending on how you feel

  5. Oh, so sweet, Laura... I can almost hear their cries though the screen. ;o)

  6. Your photos are amazing! I'm wondering if there might be a little bird appearing in one of your beautiful paintings :)