Finally again

Remember these? Well I finally found the time to enter the 4th Friday's show again at the Starline Gallery and the two pieces I submitted were accepted. I packed them up into this colorful upcycled burlap bag I found and navigated the snowy roads to drop them off.
Bridgette made a post not long ago about how she changed one of her encaustics because the fern frond had faded from a pretty green to a dull yellowish hue. I didn't think about that when I submitted the photo for my work. I used a photo that was taken right after I finished it and realized afterwards that my leaf had suffered the same fate. You can see the original leaf color in the Laruelapalooza header if you scroll up. Well it was too late for me to change it, but I wonder if there is a way to prevent the fading. I really like using pressed leaves in my work.
Hopefully I will be done with a few new pieces soon. None of them are coming along the way I'd like them to. I seem to be stuck. I can see the idea in my head very clearly but the artwork just isn't conveying the vision in my head at all. I might get some time in the studio tomorrow to work a little and maybe I'll have an epiphany!
Happy Saturday!


  1. Yay, how exciting to have your work excepted! I don't think it matters that the leaf has faded. We all fade in the end, but there is beauty in that too x

  2. Congrats for having your work accepted! Yellow or green they look beautiful!AriadnefromGreece!

  3. I love the presentation of your work and well done on getting some work accepted.

  4. These two are beautiful, it's not at all a problem if the leaf has faded, maybe it's even better than the original one..

  5. that's great news!

    fading, i think, is part of the process: like an old pair of jeans; natural things age.
    perhaps anticipating this in colour choices might be a way around this inevitable occurrence?

  6. I have always wanted to try encaustic painting and still haven't done it! Too many hobbies. Thanks for the beautiful reminder. Lovely work!

  7. Thanks for all your nice comments! I always thought I would end up teaching art, I bet that is really fulfilling. Super happy we are blog friends now. :) I will definitely check out that author you mentioned. Have a beautiful weekend! May come in handy as a source for my class.