Just a tease

 So we actually had a couple of nice days this past week. I've had many visitors to my bird feeder which I can never get any good pictures of because they always fly away when they see me. The only brave ones are the red winged black birds who always scare away all the other birds.
 I am very pleased to see that the service berries survived the snow storm! This is the side of the house that had that gigantic snow drift. I don't think all my russian sage made it though.

 I received this pretty blue creeping phlox as a transplant from my sister in laws garden last year. Blue flowers are my favorite and these are doing so well!
 It seems to be taking forever for these double tulips to open! I cannot wait to see what they will look like. 
And this cute little chipmunk wasn't afraid of me either. Unfortunately the nice weather was fleeting and today is cold and rainy. I saw thunderstorms in the forecast for everyday next week too. Ugh! I really cannot wait for summer to kick into full gear!
The good news is that the gray weather has made me stay inside and I was very productive with my encaustics today. So look for another post very soon.


  1. What a precious little chipmunk!

  2. It's so funny, that chipmunk is a very regular visitor! My dog goes nuts whenever she sees him.

  3. Look at all the blooms! Lovely.

  4. The chipmunk is adorable! I wish we had them here. I love russian sage, fingers crossed it pulls through! I bet those tulips will be amazing. Aaah spring. Meanwhile I am two weeks away from winter, bother! Glad to know that half the world is in blossom.