White crowned sparrows

 I finally got some good photos of the cute birds I was talking about previously! They are white crowned sparrows and I love their stripey black and white capped heads. I have never seen these types of sparrows before. Normally I only get the hoards of house sparrows so it was cool to see a new type. My husband and kids think I'm a lunatic though. When I saw the bright flashes of black and white stripes I started squealing "what is that!?" But I don't care. I can't believe the variety of birds I have seen at my simple feeder this spring.
And Barbara I've been thinking of you ever since I saw these little birds!


  1. thanks for telling me about these photos, i've never seen a white crowned sparrow.
    would you mind if i did some drawings from your images?

    mordant is like an undercoat when you paint. it helps the fibre be more receptive for the dye and influences the strength (or lack thereof) of the dye

  2. Sure you can use them for drawings! I'm flattered! I am going to do that myself.

  3. Oh they are spectacular! I love the first photo so much! It looks like a girl bird with eye liner on! You are so lucky to have such gorgeous creatures in your garden. Don't worry, if I had been there I would have squealed with delight too :)

  4. I can see why you were squealing with delight! So cute! It's raining here, but I think I need to fill the feeders now!

  5. i just saw one in my backyard yesterday! first time
    thank you for permission

  6. my post from yesterday was wiped with Blogger's glitches.
    Thanks for permission to draw from your photos.

    I've started seeing these birds now too!

  7. I saw your original post in my email. How funny that you are seeing them now too! You're welcome!