A neighbor of mine gets robins nesting on the rack by her front door almost every spring. This year she discovered that the eggs had been destroyed by something. The next thing I know I discover a nest on my rack by my front door! I walked out one morning to see this muddy mess ( I didn't know robins used mud to build their nests!) The nest was empty for awhile and I really thought it had been abandoned until one day this week I discovered eggs!
 Unfortunately being by our front door means there's a lot of traffic and the mama robin gets scared away easily. So the eggs are left unattended for long periods of time. I don't know if they'll survive with the mama scurrying away so often. I would love to move the rack to a more secluded corner of our porch, not right by the front door, but I'm afraid if I move it she'll never come back.
 Does anyone know how long it takes for robin's eggs to hatch? If I can keep track of the days then I can figure out if they will survive. I'd hate for the robin to be sitting on a nest that will never hatch!
I will also try to get some pictures of her sitting on the nest too if I can get close enough.


  1. What beautiful colour they have!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. What a beautiful, color coordinated "present" placed at your front door! Two weeks to hatch and two more for the little ones to leave the nest. First visit here...will have a look around. Shari

  3. How beautiful, I hope they do well and look forward to your updates

  4. Welcome Shari! And thanks for the information. I will keep you posted.

  5. O my you are so lucky!
    i would be fearful of cats and coons. do you have these in your neighbourhood.
    can't wait to see the progress of this "work"

  6. beautiful! that's odd that the robin placed the nest at such an easy place for animals to get to. i've always thought that they place it where it's hard for racoons and such to get.
    when we had a nest in our backyard, everytime i tried to take a picture of the eggs and once they hatched, i found myself ducking as the mommy and/or daddy robin where flying towards my head and basically "screaming" at me. :P