Art Faire today!

Here's what people saw when they first walked in.
This is the first table with student photography on the wall above.

Here are my mugs and you can see part of a scarf that was knit by one of my students with some help from grandma!
The chess board and the cutting board are beautiful. They were made by an art club student who is currently in the wood class. Too bad we didn't have time to make the chess pieces!
This is the second table that is in a niche in the wall under the stairs.
These display racks are tomato plant stands that I basically garbage picked! Tacky? Yes! But they work. I turned them upsidedown curled the wires on top and spray painted them gold. I'm pretty happy with my recycling!

We had necklaces, crane ornaments and the little crane earrings on the recycled tomato plant stands.
This last table held all the note cards and more student photography as well as some prints of student work.

Well this is it! We had a lot more stuff than I realized. It all just looked so small when it was all packed up in my office. But now that I see it all set up we have a considerable amount. I really hope it all sells! I figured since this is the first time we are doing this that the people coming to the Madrigal might not have money with them. The only kind of advertising I had was in the school newsletter and on the art department facebook page. But there are two more performances tomorrow so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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  1. I hope the art fair went well.
    It looks like you had some really good work there.