Cake boss kids!

 My cousin is excellent at baking and especially decorating cakes and cookies. So when my daughter became obsessed with the show Cake Boss I asked my cousin if she would be able to teach them a little. Well she went all out and they had a blast making cupcake snowmen and decorating their very own small flower basket cake.

 Our "fondant" was rolled out starburst and laffy taffy!

 The finished snowmen!
 This one is Rose's....
 And this one is May's.
 I remember when I was younger my cousin Pam made me the most beautiful cake with this same basket weave and filled with frosting flowers. I think it's so wonderful that she has taught my kids how to do it now!
 Not bad for a 12 year old first timer!
 May's totally decked out cake.
 Rose's elegant cake.
What a fun day we had! Thank you so much Pam for doing this for the girls. It was a great Christmas present and they made a lot of great memories that day.
And this is the squirrel Emily who paid us a visit while we were decorating. Pam's husband Tom very patiently trained this cute little squirrel to take nuts from his hand and we got to see it for ourselves when we were there!


  1. The snowmen are adorable! they have such sweet little faces! I adore the squirrel too :)

  2. wonderful snowmen! Looks like you already have enough staff to open a store! ;oD