Chicago vacation

 Last year we all went to Chicago for couple of days before Christmas and decided to do it again this year. We live so close to the city and just don't get there as often as we'd like so we act like tourists when we're there fitting as much as we can into a short amount of time.
 We started off at the Kris Kindle Market which is outside and it was very cold when we were there. So the first thing we did was enjoy a hot cup of mulled cider.
Towering over the Kris Kindle Market is Picasso's sculpture.
 Of course we had to go to the Art Institute where the lions out front are always decked out in their holiday finery!
 This is an awesome new display on the grand stair case.
 The next day we went to Navy Pier to the Winter Wonderfest. Our kids are a little old for it but they still have a lot of fun. The place is decorated beautifully. There's no way anyone could leave there not feeling the Christmas spirit!

 We ended our trip with the Zoo Lights at the Lincoln Park Zoo. They are truly beautiful! My camera does not do them justice!

 We arrived just in time to see the ice sculptors work their magic.

Happy Holidays everyone!


  1. I've not seen your blog for a bit, looks like you had a great break away. I also love the Otchipotchi pot and have put it onto my favourites to order when christmas has died down. Its beautiful, I bet your mum will love it. Happy Christmas. Love the cakes your daughters made as well

  2. Merry Christmas Laura! It looks like you've had a very magical lead up to Christmas day!