Spoiler Alert Mom

Spoiler alert! If you are my mom and you are reading this then look no further or else you'll spoil your Christmas gift. These are just so beautiful I just couldn't wait to post!

 So now that I have gotten that warning out of the way I have to tell you that I am so excited to have my very own Otchipotchi pot! I ordered a pebble vase pictured below for myself and my mom and I also got her a gingko herbarium stone. They are wrapped in the prettiest little packages so the gifts to my mother remain wrapped. But I couldn't wait to open mine!  

If you've never been to see the Otchipotchi blog you should definitely take a look. Paula's work is so delicate, organic and smooth. I just love my little vase. Now I just need to find some thing pretty to put in it!

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